2023 Musical Wrap-Up

By FPL_Lauren

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. That’s right, it’s Spotify Wrap-Up season! I love looking back to see what I listened to this year and learning about others’ music tastes. This year I learned a lot of library staff don’t listen to music through apps like Spotify or Apple. Listening through YouTube was also quite popular. Let’s see how your music consumption stacks up to library staff!

Also, check out these books and magazines, opens a new window on music and musicians:

For the second year in a row, Arctic Monkeys were my number one artist. This didn’t come as a surprise to me. What did surprise me was how I somehow managed to listen to 118,494 minutes in 2023! Listening to "Changing of the Seasons" by Two Door Cinema Club 113 times must have contributed to that number.

Libby listened to 77,876 minutes of mostly classical music this year. Her top artist was Ryuichi Sakamoto, with John Prine coming in as a close second.

Ashley listened to 16,394 minutes of pop this year. Which makes sense, since her top artists include Gregory Alan Isakov, the Jonas Brothers, and Taylor Swift.

Dana listened to 46,509 minutes of rock, with Jason Mraz, The Who, The Beatles, Queen and Chicago rounding out her top 5 artists.

Gaby had the most interesting genres with Chill Indie Game Soundtracks and Glamorous Pop Divas. Since Lady Gaga and Kali Uchis were in her top 5, Glamourous Pop Divas totally fits!

Elizabeth was one of our staff members that listens to most of her music using something other than Spotify, but her number one genre this year was K-Pop, with DPR IAN and V being in her top 5. Other K-Pop bands she listened to through other apps were Seventeen and ATEEZ.

Marie’s favorite band is Fall Out Boy, so I wasn’t shocked to learn they were her number one artist this year. Marie ended up listening to 35,360 minutes of pop music and 10,979 minutes of podcasts. Her go to of which was Digging up the Duggars.