Jumping Fleas

By FPL_Lee


Come to the Frisco Library and check out our Jumping Fleas — a.k.a ukuleles. (Ukelele is Hawaiian for jumping flea.) Introduced to Hawaii by Portuguese merchants as the machete de bracas 150 years ago and embraced by the Hawaiian peoples ever since, the ukulele is an easy to learn versatile instrument. Its versatility is evidenced by uke greats Roy Smeck and Timaine Gardner:

The Frisco Library has a collection of 17 soprano ukuleles for you to check out, learn and practice on. Come to the Frisco Library to see our “Jumping Fleas” and check one out today, opens a new window

Want to learn to play?

Access your first lesson on this LinkedIn Learning site:  Ukulele Lessons: Fundamentals, opens a new window

Click “Sign In” and then the “Sign In With Your Library Card” link to get started. Use “friscolibrary” as the Library ID and your Frisco Library card number and password to gain access.

You might find the “mea hookani pila” within you.  Aloha!