Animals to Love

By FPL_JulieC

Valentine's Day focuses on love. That usually makes us think of special family and friends, and it’s great to take time to celebrate the love in our lives! Besides family and friends, it’s likely your kids can also tell you what animals they love.

Maybe your child loves a special pet and enjoys the unconditional love they receive in return. That’s a real boost to a child’s well-being and self-esteem. And pets not only teach kids responsibility but emotional and social skills as well.

If you don’t have pets in your home, you can take your kids to the zoo or visit a local farm. Kids benefit in many ways by being around animals of any kind. Not only do animals cultivate curiosity and joy, they provide limitless pretend play ideas and evoke important emotional responses.

I recently asked our staff which animals they loved, and I got lots of different answers. There are so many reasons to love animals! They can be cute and cuddly, dangerous or strange, entertaining or just a little bit wacky! Learn more about the creatures on our list in the books and eBooks listed below.

Ask your kids and family what animals they love. See what animals end up on your list!

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