Beyond Trick or Treating: How to Still Have a Fun Halloween Without Going Door-to-Door

By FPL_CassieW

Trying to avoid the whole door-to-door scene this year? Have no idea what to do with your trick or treaters? Keep those kiddos busy with these fun Halloween activities at home!


Scavenger Hunt (for CANDY!)

Take those bags of candy that you would have handed out and divvy it up to make treat bags. Hide the bags around the house with clue cards revealing where the next bag can be found. Added bonus for parents: make “hints” cost 1 piece of candy, that way you get candy too! ?


DIY Root Beer Brew  

It’s a trick and a treat! **Parents, you may need to assist with the dry ice ingredient.


Big cauldron (or pot) for mixing ingredients

Long Spoon

Tongs (for handling dry ice)


1-2 Pounds Dry Ice

3 Tablespoons Root Beer Extract

2-3 Cubs Granulated Sugar

4 Quarts Cold Water


  1. In your “cauldron”, mix the water, root beer extract, and water until the sugar dissolves.
  2. Using gloves or tongs, carefully add the dry ice pieces to the cauldron and stir with your long spoon until it is mostly melted (about 10 minutes).
  3. Serve in your favorite cup!


DIY Candy Making

Check out this how-to for making rock candy at home, opens a new window (added bonus: it’s also a science experiment!).


Virtual Scary Storytelling Night (Tween and Teens)

Here’s one for the slightly older kiddos: scary storytelling! Set a date and time for your kid(s) and their friends to meet virtually on your favorite digital platform (Zoom, MS Teams, etc.) and have them take turns telling each other their favorite scary stories! Don’t have one in mind? No worries! We have a book list to help get you started:  Scary Stories Book List


DIY Pumpkin Slime

Looking for more Jack-o-Lantern fun? Do your kids LOVE slime? Then check out this pumpkin slime recipe, opens a new window!