Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day

By FPL_AshleyR

Are you ready to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday, January 18? Frisco Public Library has put together book lists and activities to help you learn about Martin Luther King, Jr., find out more about social activism, and plan ways to celebrate MLK Day with activities at home.

Book Lists: Read up on Martin Luther King, Jr., the history of Civil Rights in America, and how to be an agent of change in your community.

15 Books about MLK Jr. and the History of Civil Rights: Children’s Nonfiction, opens a new window 

Power of Protest: Children’s Nonfiction, opens a new window 

You’re Never Too Young to Change the World: Picture Books, opens a new window 

Activism for Young Adults: Young Adult Nonfiction, opens a new window 

For the Culture, opens a new window 

Activities at Home:

Caring Cards, opens a new window - One of my favorite ways to celebrate MLK Day is through acts of service! Acts of service can be big or small. For this activity you can create cards to mail to members of your community to brighten their day.

One Page Zine, opens a new window - Create your own zine following these simple instructions. Write and draw about what you would change if you could change one thing in the world or write about how you can make a difference in your community.

Dream Clouds, opens a new window - What dreams do you have for the world around you? Draw inspiration from Martin Luther King, Jr’s work and write down your own dreams.

Word Search, opens a new window - Complete this Martin Luther King, Jr. word search to see if you can find the entire list of words related to MLK Day.

Dream Catcher Craft, opens a new window - This fun craft allows children to get creative while thinking about Martin Luther King, Jr., our community, and how to inspire others.

Looking for even more fun activities? Check out this Martin Luther King Jr. Choice Board, opens a new window created by a member of Just One Thing. Take a look at all of the fun activities and choose which ones you want to do!