COVID-19 and Your Business Plan

By FPL_AdamL

With all the upheaval that containing COVID-19 brought, many are feeling the stress and uncertainty. First, maybe you need a little reminder of why you started:

TED Talk: Do What You Love, opens a new window

Now a little advice from SCORE (an organization that focuses on helping small businesses get off the ground, grow, and achieve their goals by providing resources, mentorship, and workshops) who are passing on the advice from Jarrod Goldsmith, founder of eSAX: Repurpose some of that possible downtime you have into networking, reaching customers on a more personal level, creating checklists, building up your social media, and that investing in that ever important behind-the-scenes business planning.

I know, business planning. Ugh.

Good news! The library has some excellent resources to help:

  • ReferenceUSA

This is a database you just need a library card to access and is a treasure trove of information for doing market research, competitive analysis, consumer market research, and more.

There are even step by step instructions on how to do the research.

Secret tip:  You will want to follow the link off the library’s website and agree the the terms each time you access:

  • Small Business Reference Center

Guides and advice for doing business planning here! The Ebsco Small Business Reference Center will give you access to entire books devoted to writing and revising business plans. Best of the books in this database are ALWAYS AVAILABLE with plenty of options for downloading. Plan at your pace with no pesky due dates.

         Secret tip: To log into this database, enter you library card number where it says Patron ID:

  • Lynda Video Tutorial: 9 Steps To Developing a Business Plan

You might want to first start with the video tutorial to get a good overview of the process if you are feeling a little lost on where to begin. All you need is your library card number and password:

You can also checkout that SCORE article and the resources they suggest online here: Keep your small business afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic with this advice from community experts.

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