Homeschool Help With Library Resources

By FPL_EricaA

With Frisco ISD closed, you may find yourself at home with a new job – teacher.  Though the curriculum can be daunting, Frisco Public Library is (virtually) here to help. 

I’m talking about our online databases.  Usually, when I say the word “databases” people tend to glaze over.  Stay with me.  These expensive, subscription-based services are a perfect match for homework that requires reference material.  And they are completely free to Frisco Library cardholders.  You can use our website and your library card to easily access these databases from the comfort of your home.

Why databases?  Unlike a basic Google search, which can return off-topic or inaccurate information, these resources ensure the information you access is vetted and accurate.  Additionally, you get the benefit of teaching your young student the importance of information verification along with developing their ability to distinguish reliable resources from poppycock.

The following are some examples of how databases can work for you.  For a full list, click here:

HELP!  I need....

to write about an inspirational woman for Women’s History Month!

Easy. Go to Click on Explora. From there just enter the name of your favorite female.  Need more inspiration?  Select Social Studies and click on “Women’s Suffrage" to browse.

to debate animal testing!

Try Primary Search. Enter “Animal Testing” in the search bar and get 138 articles from magazines and encyclopedias specifically geared toward children.

to practice for next year’s STAAR test.

Learning Express Library is for you.  Click on School Center, select the appropriate grade level and then click on STAAR Practice Tests.  Happy learning!