Lost and Found

By FPL_Samantha

Losing a pet can be a stressful situation for both the pet and the owner. Luckily there are a few things you can do to make it easier to find a pet if they go missing.

Did you know that the City of Frisco has a Lost & Found Map, opens a new window you can use to report a lost pet? This is a great tool to use to let people in your area know to keep a lookout for your pet.

There are a few things you can do when bringing a new pet home to make it easier to find your four-legged friend in the unfortunate event that they become lost.

  1. Register your pet with the county you live in. That way if your pet is found and taken to the shelter, they know who to contact. (Collin County Pet Registration, opens a new window; Denton County Pet Registration, opens a new window)
  2. If your pet isn’t microchipped, make sure to get them one as soon as you can. Most vet offices will microchip your pet and can do it during their annual vaccine appointment.
  3. Make sure your pet has a collar that has tags with your current information on it. You can also put an AirTag on your pet’s collar so you can track where they are at all times.
  4. Pre-emptively join your neighborhood’s lost and found pet page on Facebook and Nextdoor so that if you need them in a pinch you won’t waste time trying to find and join the group.

If your pet does become lost, here are some suggestions that may help you locate them quickly:

  1. Search your neighborhood: Start by searching your immediate neighborhood and surrounding areas. Walk or drive around, calling your pet's name and asking neighbors if they have seen your pet.
  2. Post flyers: Create flyers with your pet's picture, description, and your contact information. Post them in your neighborhood, at local pet stores, and at veterinary clinics.
  3. Use social media: Share your pet's information on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Be sure to include a clear photo, description, and your contact information.
  4. Contact animal shelters and rescue organizations: Contact local animal shelters, rescue organizations, and veterinary clinics to see if your pet has been brought in. Provide them with a description and photo of your pet.
  5. Check online lost and found pet databases: There are many online databases where you can report a lost pet or search for found pets. Check websites such as MissingPets.com, Petfinder.com, and Lostmydoggie.com.
  6. Don't give up: Keep searching and reaching out to people until you find your pet. Remember that pets can sometimes be found weeks or even months after they go missing.

Remember to stay positive and keep searching until you find your furry friend!