Story Time @ Home: Frosty Fun

By FPL_KaylaW

‘Tis the season for some frosty fun, inside and out!  These wintry activities are perfect for a day inside staying warm, or an outdoors adventure into a chilly wonderland.
Read – These picture books are perfect for a snowy day!
Sing – Make getting dressed for the cold easy by singing while putting on winter clothes.
Try singing to the tune of “Here We Go ‘Round the Mulberry Bush”!
“This the way we put on our coat, put on our coat, put on our coat.
This is the way we put on our coat when it’s cold outside!
This is the way we put on our gloves, put on our gloves, put on our gloves.
This is the way we put on our gloves when it’s cold outside!”
Play – Have your child help you make hot chocolate. Give them simple instructions and lots of praise when they complete each step. Looking for a tasty hot chocolate recipe to try? Try one of our staff favorites here. And of course, always use caution when handling hot liquid.
Talk – Winter is a great time to talk about animals and what they do in the winter. Talk with your child about hibernation.  Which animals hibernate in the winter? Which animals do not? How does the weather change in winter? Want to learn more? Check out these age appropriate non-fiction books about winter.

Let's Look at Winter

What Happens in Winter?

Sleep, Bear!

Write – Finger-writing on different surfaces is a great sensory experience that also exercises fine motor skills.  Try writing in this homemade snow, shaving cream, or even flavored yogurt.