Story Time @ Home: Rainy Days

By FPL_Kayla

What better way to spend a rainy day than to have your very own story time at home!  Try out these great screen-free activities with your little one the next time rainy weather keeps you inside!  If you haven’t already, check out our Rainy Day story time with Miss Kayla!

READ – Rain or shine, curl up and enjoy a cozy story from our book list... Rainy Day Reads!

SING – The Itsy Bitsy Spider is a great rainy day song!  Sing it with your child.  Try adding some ASL signs as you sing!


PLAY – Make a Touch and Feel Sensory Box, opens a new window!  Once you’ve made your Touch and Feel Sensory Box, try some of these activities with your child:

  • Hide an item inside the box. Ask your child to feel the item and describe it to you.
  • Have your child guess what item you have put in the box.
    • Put multiple items inside and ask your child to find an item of a specific texture (soft, spiky, etc.).

TALK – Cook together!  Cooking with your child is a great way for them to practice following directions. Give them one simple direction at a time.  Make sure to give lots of praise when they complete their task!  Need some inspiration?  Try these fun recipes: Banana Flies, opens a new window, Honeybee Breakfast, opens a new window, Breakfast Hearts, opens a new window, Sunshine Muffins, from Turtle Magazine (which you can find in our Explora for Elementary Students database) or find some great kid-friendly cookbooks here!

WRITE – Work on those fine motor skills by whipping up a batch of Edible Playdough, opens a new window!  Help your child make shapes or letters and enjoy a sensory experience.  No worries if your little one puts this playdough in their mouth!  It’s completely edible!