Travel Kits: Pack, Explore, Repeat!

By FPL_SamanthaU

When deciding travel plans, it can be hard to narrow down a destination. From Alaska to South Africa, there are a multitude of places to see in the world and each one is unique. It can be overwhelming to not only choose where to go on your next vacation, but also plan what you will do and see when you get there. That’s where the Frisco Library comes in! We have Travel Kits to help you start planning the perfect trip.

Want to check out the Australian Outback? Here are some examples of what the kit contains:

Or maybe a National Park is more your speed. Here are some resources you will find in our Yellowstone & Teton Travel Kit:

We have over 30 different Travel Kits for you to discover, whether you’re planning a vacation or just want to learn more about a different part of the world. Check one out today!

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