Digital Newspapers at Frisco Public Library

By FPL_Sunita

Did you know you can access digital newspapers such as New York Times and Wall Street Journal for free with your FPL Library Card? (Learn how to get a card here., opens a new window)


Take advantage of these digital resources and stay up to date on news and current events from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. 


Below are some of the more popular digital newspapers that are available with a library card. You must access these resources through FPL’s website: digital newspaper resources, opens a new window.

Digital Newspaper Resources

  • New York Times: Read unlimited articles on and the NYTimes app. Access anything from 1851 to current in the New York Times Archives; enjoy the exclusive features, newsletters, and new media releases. You will access this resource through FPL’s website. To activate your access, you must register or log in first.
  • Wall Street Journal: Enjoy free online access to Wall Street Journal’s news sources and stay up to date on business, politics, entertainment, sports, and more. You can access the Wall Street Journal outside the library by following these steps:
    1. Create your WSJ account here, opens a new window, and you can use, opens a new window.  
    2. The access will be available for 3 days. After 3 days, click on the above link and log in with your original username and password as an existing user. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by email at, opens a new window or give us a call at 972-292-5669.