Enjoy Public Art in Frisco

By FPL_Amy

Walking or driving around Frisco, you’re sure to stumble across unique artwork that will delight the senses. Frisco has made it a priority to include public artwork in its development projects, turning ordinary spaces into art for all to enjoy.

Below are some great ways to explore art in Frisco!

Frisco Square and the George A. Purefoy Municipal Center, located on the Square, are great places to start if you’re looking for art to explore.

  • Frisco Square Public Art Walking Tour

Take a walking tour around the square and discover new artworks inspired by the history and environment of Frisco. You can even download and print a walking tour map (PDF), opens a new window with details about the artists and their process.

While technically part of the walking tour, Art in the Atrium brings local artists’ works into the George A. Purefoy Municipal Center. Browse five floors of art throughout the building chosen by the Public Art Board through submissions from the public.

Frisco Public Art Map, opens a new window 

An interactive map that provides pictures and locations of the art pieces on display across the city of Frisco. Below are a few of my favorite pieces!

The Beacon by Pete Beeman, Northeast Community Park
An interactive art piece whose orange and yellow wing-like forms
move as you turn the hand crank at its base.

Black and White and Read All Over by Robin Brailsford, Shepherd’s Glen Park
The stones at this park reminded the artist of grazing sheep.
Taking inspiration from this and wanting to encourage reading (which as a Librarian, I love!),
she created sheep adorned with letters and inlaid poetry on the sidewalk.

Celebration by Jim Bowman, Frisco Conference Center
In this bright and colorful sculpture, there are 19 glass pieces that fit together like a puzzle.
The artist was inspired by the growth and development of Frisco and this piece symbolizes this.