Quiz: Parks and Recreation

We may just be a bunch of book jockeys here at the library, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know our Parks and Recreation trivia. Think you’re the Leslie Knope of Parks and Rec trivia? Take our quiz to find out!

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Jerry Gergich has a variety of names throughout the show. Which one of the following is NOT one of his other names?*
Ben is offered a position at the accounting firm Tilton & Radomski Accounting on a number of occasions but always winds up turning them down or leaving soon after starting. Who is the accountant always offering him a position?*
What is the name of April Ludgate's aristocratic alter ego?*
Sweetums is known for their less than ideal business practices. How many ounces does their "child" size drink have?*
What is the name of the lobbyist that runs Bobby Newport's campaign?*
Leslie once said that Joan Callamezzo runs Pawnee. What is the name of the infamous talk show she hosts?*
Mark Brendanawicz eventually leaves the city planning department to go work in the private sector. When he tells Leslie, she gets upset and gives him which nickname?*
In the episode “Pawnee Rangers”, Donna and Tom take Ben on their “Treat Yo’ self” trip. Ben eventually breaks down and buys what?*
Donna Meagle is known for having a mysterious background. Which major US city does she have a condo in?*
Shauna Malwae-Tweep is a reporter at which Pawnee newspaper?*
What fictional county is Pawnee in?*
What Michigan town do Ann and Chris wind up moving to?*
Who forgot to vote for Leslie in the city council election?*
Which of the following is not one of Tom's failed enterprises?*
True or False: Ben never wrote a concession speech for Leslie when she was running for city council.*
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