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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The smallest possible size is a 4.5 inch by 5 inch book. For best results, the smallest book we recommend is the 5 x 5 size.

  • The largest possible size is a 8 inch by 10.5 inch book. The largest size we recommend is the 7 x 10 size. 

  • A quick way to resize a PDF to a new overall document size and preserve the formatting is the free online tool here:, opens a new window

  • To print images or text on the spine of the book, the spine must be at least 0.26 inches wide. Books will need a minimum of 100 pages on premium white paper to achieve a spine that is at least 0.26 inches wide.

  • Yes! Both the cover and interior pages can be printed in color.

  • We recommend setting up the OnDemand Books Online purchasing to give your customers a place to purchase your book. Request details about how this works when submitting your Cover Sheer and Book Block PDF files. 

  • Quality trade paperback books.

  • A unique number assigned by the Library of Congress. An LCCN number helps make it easier for libraries and other organizations using bibliographic data to acquire your book. An LCCN must be acquired before publishing a title. Trail Blazer Press can provide you with information that shows you how to apply for this yourself. 

  • A unique number for identifying a specific book used by bookstores and retailers. You can add an ISBN anytime, even after publication.

  • Trail Blazer Press provides step-by-step instructions, opens a new window to help you learn how to format your Book Block and Cover Sheet. We do not offer formatting and design services. Upon request we can help connect you with freelancers for hire that offer formatting assistance.

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