Self-Care: Guide to Keeping Your Body and Mind Healthy

By FPL_LaurenH

For most of us, 2020 has been a very interesting year. Some days might be overwhelming, but it is still incredibly important to take care of yourself. Here are 18 things you can do to make sure you’re treating yourself right and keeping your body and mind healthy. 

  1. Read for pleasure 
  2. Take a walk 
  3. Go to bed early 
  4. Meditate
  5. Color, opens a new window 
  6. Pamper yourself with a DIY Avocado Face Mask, opens a new window or Homemade Face Scrub, opens a new window 
  7. Take a bath with a DIY Bath Bomb, opens a new window 
  8. Enjoy a cup of tea 
  9. Take a social media break 
  10. Call a friend 
  11. Get crafty - make a Sensory Bottle, opens a new window or a Stress Ball, opens a new window 
  12. Buy yourself flowers 
  13. Treat yourself to a special meal 
  14. Plan a trip, opens a new window 
  15. Take a break at a local park or nature preserve, opens a new window 
  16. Write in a journal, opens a new window  
  17. Listen to music or a podcast 
  18. Have a Zoom hangout with friends and watch a movie together, opens a new window 

Or do something you enjoy doing that helps lower your stress levels. What are some of your favorite ways to treat yourself? Let us know in the comments below.